We believe the Vine Yard (The Church) belongs to the owner of the Yard (God) and we are all co-laborers chosen by God as workers to serve in the yard. He is the Alpha and the Omega of His Ministry and the author and finisher of our faith. We work by divine instruction and direction as we listen to Him and depend upon Him for guidance. That is why in all that we do that may seem as strength or weakness, success or failure, we have always seen the purpose of God. Because of the above conviction, we are very humble but bold in our approach to worship for all that we have asked, he has given and all the we need He will supply. He has since inception been guiding, leading and directing His church and blessing all laborers even beyond our comprehension. Our total dependence upon God has always been our strength and may His name alone be blessed. Amen

Our Pastor !!

Pastor and Mrs. Oyeniya

You are welcome to RCCG Grace Chapel, The House of Prayer for All Nations. We give God all the glory and adoration for His leading, guidance and direction. The voice that I heard at the inception of the calling into ministry had since been the lamp upon our feet. The voice said if I look up to Him to shepherd just one family (my family), I should understand that leading two or more families can only be by him alone.Secondly, the voice said because the devil only attacks what you claim to own, if I give Him total ownership, the battle against the Ministry (inclusive of the workers) is a battle against the owner (God). Remember, He has never lost a battle. He is forever a winner. He says if you claim ownership you might win 1000 but the devil waits for one loss. I have since delivered all into His able, glorious and mighty hands. The Lord has proven to every letter all that He promised since the inception of His Ministry as well as in the lives of my fellow co-laborers. He has fought and won many battles on our behalf and restating that He has established His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. His countless grace and mercies, His immeasurable protection and blessings have made Grace Chapel the home of dwelling. We give God all the glory. As a pastor, I'm always uncomfortable when people use the phrase "Your Ministry". I immediately and repeatedly pronounce it is God's ministry for I recognize that we are all called to serve in the Ministry but not own a Ministry. We are all co-laborers in the vine yard. I will not take nor share in His glory for all glory belong to Him and Him alone.

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I thank the Lord for the committed and relentless workers that has been chosen by God to co-labor with me in the vine yard of God. I pray that the good Lord will continue to bless and lead us. On that glorious day, I pray that none of us shall miss the train of salvation. Amen.If you need a family church that depends on God and believe in the power of prayer, you are welcome to join our happy family. Remain Blessed The Pastor can be reached at pastor@myrccg.org


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